Trees are the main source of wood. There are three types of normal trees, that may grow from an acorn. All trees will give rich wood and petrified wood, when large enough. Normally, a common tree will grow from a normal acorn, giving common wood, but randomly, a green or red tree will grow, giving moss or red wood, respectively. Green trees and red trees can be manually, intentionally grown by using the green or red acorn. Additionally, the player may plant normal acorns and cut down the tree, if it is not the desired type, repeatedly, such that, eventually, the desired tree will grow.


from 0-9 ; the tree is a tiny sapling, at 10-29 it becomes a sapling. At 30-99 it becomes a small tree that can be chopped down to get verry little wood. At 100-999 it is a moderatly sized tree, most trees end up in this catagory. at 1000-9999 it is a thick tree that will yeld decent amounts of wood. At 10000 it becomes a petrified tree, the largest (currently) largest known kind and will yeld massive ammounts of wood but it grows extremely slow.