General Information Edit

The Frog's Quest is a rarely occuring minigame in Chipper and Sons Lumber Co. It can be found on the screen with the frogs in the swamp, in the top right corner. Completing the Frog's Quest will award you the Golden Frog trophy, which will appear as a pixelated golden frog.

Objective Edit

Find coloured food items by digging on certain screens, usually found by digging around the outside edge of the screen. Once the proper food item is found, take it to the similarly coloured frog to feed it.

There are five frogs to feed in total. Purple, white, red, orange and yellow. You will need the Frog's Key to complete this minigame, which is sold by Tinker for 900 Beaver Coins.

Tips Edit

  • Don't touch the purple food item. The purple frog is able to be fed without the purple food item.
  • If there is one red tree, do not go in the direction of that tree.
  • If there are two red trees, do not go up. It is possible to go left, right or down.
  • If there is one blue tree, do not go down.
  • Be patient, choose the correct path carefully, and backtrack as much as you need to.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the age of Chipper and Sons Lumber Co. the Frog's Quest has only been notably beaten recently.
  • Oddly, the Minigame-Mastery with Frog's Key does not work to complete the game.