Termite City


  • 99 Red Wood
  • 10 Termite Wood
  • 10 Mini-Mound
  • 1 Wooden Scaffold


6400 Beaver Points


Gives off the exact same stuff as the Termite Colony

Extras Edit

This will take a very long time to build, 99 Red Wood is simple, just plant Red Trees using the Acorns won from Termite Treasure. However, it also requires 10 Termite Wood, and 10 Mini-Mounds, which are both hard to come by. For getting these, I would recommend destroying as many tiny tree monsters as you can, if you're lucky, they'll drop Termite Wood or a Mini-Mound, you also just generally have to be very patient. And for the Wooden Scaffold, just buy one from the Termite Shop.