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Stork's Crossing.

Information Edit

Stork's Crossing is a location in Chipper & Sons Lumber Co. It appears to be two cliffs connected by a bridge. There is a tower resembling a pelican with a telescope in its mouth. SeaBill is seen in the tower. There are multiple barrels around the area and a clothesline with pants, socks, and shirts on it. In the backround, there are two whales. Rarely a beaver will appear to be bouncing on the water spout of one of the whales. This occurrence does not have a known function yet.

Events Edit

SeaBill offers a minigame. The bridge also randomly breaks while Tyke is standing on or walking across it, dropping him to the bottom. At the bottom there is a crab, a mushroom, a squid, and a fish.
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The bottom of the cliff.

The mushroom may also occasionally offer a minigame. After talking to every creature with something to say Tyke must climb a rope to get out and then replace the bridge, which doesn't cost anything.

Trivia Edit

  • Coincidentially, Collosal and Crab-Apple is in FNaF World and Chipper and Son's Lumber Co.. You'll see them at the bottom of the cliff.

Stork's Crossing full view


The bottom of cliff full view