Robot Graveyard 2

There are a lot of old robot parts laying around this area and a tree stump in the middle. Tinker the Owl lives in the stump and will come out if you click on the clock.  He will trade items for 5 wooden seagulls each. This is also where the Beaver Token shop is located, where power-ups and pets can be purchased.

On rare occasions, the Sad Toy propped against the tree on the left will give a random item, usually of high value, along with a cryptic or poetic message. One of its sayings is in binary code, and translates to "forever", another in binary says "forgive me", and even "noone"in binary, while another simply reads "But I didn't. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry.", and he can also say "How I wish it were only my eyes alive in the dark; rather than thought alive in the darkness of". Rarely, the silhouette of a vintage woodbot will appear on screen. The meaning of this is unknown.

Robot GraveYard

Robot Graveyard