Minigames are available throughout the game's areas. Each awards a different prize.

With the Mini-Game Mastery powerup, all but The Frog's Quest can be won automatically.

SeaBill's Island HopperEdit

"Jump over the pits!  Easy, right?  Get 2,000 points and I'll give you a special item!"

Island Hopperz

The player controls SeaBill in this minigame.

"Here, take this Storm Caller!  Just use it anywhere and a storm will blow in!"

Smoothie Whale's Angry Jellies!Edit

"Don't let the jellyfish get past!  Defeat Papa-Jelly and I'll give you a special item!"

Angry Jellies

Papa-Jelly is the main target of this minigame. He will summon smaller jellyfish that move towards the player. If any of them reach the submarine or get past it, the game is over.

"That was smooth!  I'll give you a Green Acorn!  Use it where there is empty soil and it will plant all Green Trees!"

(NOTE: the gray one asks you to play it, but on the game console is the blue one)

Termite King's Termite TreasureEdit

"Find the Ruby in the maze! Easy right? Find it and I'll give you a special item!"

Termite Treasure

In this minigame, the player takes control of a Termite. They must find the ruby before the timer runs out. The location of the gem usually changes every time the game is played.

"I'm impressed!  I'll give you a Red Acorn!  Use it where there is empty soil and it will plant all Red Trees!"

The Frog's QuestEdit

"Nobody understands The Frog's Quest."


A more obscure minigame, considering how it is available much less frequently than the others. The player controls a Frog, wandering around an area. There is a "dig" option that must be used in certain parts in the map. Unlike other games, it can't be reattempted when the player fails.

Fun Fungal's Mush-BouncerEdit

"Things bounce on my head!  Bounce, bounce, bounce!"

Playing as a beach ball, the player has to bounce on the Mushrooms without falling until they achieve 2,000 points. The mushrooms will flicker in and out, and if one disappears while the ball is on top of it, the game is over.

"I watch people while they sleep. Oh yeah, here is some fungal fertilizer! Use it to super-charge your watering can!"

Tinker the Owl's Spooky Trees! Edit

Fly me safely through the haunted forest!  Do that, and I'll give you a special item!"

Spooky Trees

Controlling Tinker, the player maneuvers through a series of trees.

"Such crazy skills!  Here, take this Pocketwatch!  Use it, and three hours will instantly pass!"