Frog Tower


  • 25 Lumber
  • 25 Moss Lumber
  • 5 Seaweed
  • 1 Fisher's Net


  • 8100 Beaver Points


  • Palm Bark
  • Tribal Mask
  • Hippo Jar
  • Palm Branch
  • Moss Lumber
  • Red Lumber
  • Sturdy Lumber
  • Tiki Leaves
  • Mini-mound
  • Creepy Mask
  • Used Nest
  • Grapes
  • Red Wood
  • Lumber
  • Wooden Chick

Extras Edit

  • The Frog Tower is required to complete one of the Main Quests, as Chipper owes the frogs a favor from a while back, and asks you to build them a Frog Tower
  • You can get a Fisher's Net by buying one from the Termite Shop, or, sometimes a Crab Cabana will give you one, or, sometimes you can get it by going on a boat ride with SeaBill