See that thing he's looking at? That's a Robo-Termite. The only way to destroy Father Tree and beat the game (SPOILER ALERT!!!) is to build a Robo-Termite (colony) right next to him, although it is just simply called Robo-Termite.


  • 99 Petrified Wood
  • 20 Tiki Bones
  • 99 Swamp Mushes
  • 1 Jumbo Acorn


  • 62500 Beaver Points


  • Smelly Boot

Extras Edit

  • Triggers the last sequence of the game, in which you must The Father Tree. It can only be destroyed by building a Robo-Termite Colony next to it. It turns out that The Father Tree is what Chipper kept talking about that was so bad. Destroying The Father Tree will trigger the ending cutscene, and give you a trophy that will appear on your house.