Easter Eggs are hidden features within the game. They have a very low chance of appearing, although many of them don't trigger anything.

The Boat Edit


The Boat

This Easter egg happens in two areas. If you fall down the bridge while crossing it, there is a boat that rarely sails in the background. The boat can also be seen on occasion during Seabill's cutscenes. This Easter Egg has no effect.

Standing Termite Edit

This Easter Egg happens in two areas. The Termite can appear on the termite mounds in the Termite kings area, or hidden in the background when you get pulled up from the bird tribe's trap. This Easter egg has no Effect.

Beaver above whale Edit

A beaver can be seen on occasion near Seabill's place. It will be riding on some water a whale's blowing out of its blowhole. This Easter Egg has no effect.

Beaver in submarine Edit


Beaver in submarine

The siloette of a Beaver can be rarely seen in a submarine next to Smoothie and Phil. This easter egg has no effect.

Happy Robot Edit

This Easter Egg can happen twice. The Happy robot can appear under the bridge or among the Tiki birds. This easter egg is hard to spot, and many people don't even notice it. This Easter egg has no effect.

Lumberbot 5.0 on water tower Edit

A Lone Lumberbot 5.0 can be seen rarely on the water tower near Chipper's house, starring at the player. This easter egg has no effect. Chipper's Revenge from FNaF World may be a reference to this due to them looking similar and that FNaF World was made after Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.

Vintage Woodbot looking around Edit


Vintage Woodbot looking around

Next to Tinker's shop, the shadow of a Vintage Woodbot can appear close to the screen. It's eyes will shift left and right, looking around. This easter egg has no effect.

Living Mask Edit

One of the masks on the Tiki bird's poles will start to mash its sharp teeth together. This easter egg has no effect.

The Space Traveler Edit

Rarely, a character made out of poles and has a mask from the Tiki Birds' tree can take you forwards in time. He also speaks to you.

Earl's Suicide Edit

The most eerie easter egg in the list, Earls ghost can rarely be seen jumping to his death into the water. This easter egg has no effect.

The Frog's Quest Edit


Nobody understands.

The Frog's Quest is a rare minigame that was, for the longest time, thought to be impossible to beat. It was later discovered that there was a way to beat it. Upon beating the game, the player will be rewarded with a trophy.

Sad Robot Edit

There is a Sad robot located next to Tinker's shop. Very Rarely, a speech bubble will appear over it. The Robot speaks in binary and, on occasion, English. The Robot is always sad. It will give you more rare items like Wooded Chairs, Jewels, and most often; Sad Toys.