Chipper is the father of Tyke and owner of Chipper and Sons Lumber Co..

Appearance Edit

Chipper looks like Tyke but bigger with blue eyes, blue overalls, and less hair.

Roll Edit

Chipper gives you lumber in exchange for wood he also gives you more land and blueprints to make more things after he talks about things.

Trivia Edit

  • Chipper was once married but his wife fell into one of her pies and died chipper had her stuffed later
  • Chipper might not be a actual beaver but a robot because in one of his messages he says "One time I made the Lumber bot 8.0 but he knocked me out with a shovel but i woke up and deactivated him BLEEP oops excuse me"
  • Chipper made a apperence FNaF World as a playable character In update 2. He was also a hidden boss in the mines.